Breakin 2: The Electric Boogaloo


Breakin 1 was so successful, Cannon cranked out a sequel a few months later. In 1984, they called it Breakin 2: The Electric Boogaloo. From this point forward, every sequel that is made that didn’t need to made will be subtitled with an “Electric Boogaloo”.

The plot can be summed up pretty quickly. Some developer wants land and will bulldoze a community recreation centre. The dancers will dance and get donations to stop them. Thats it. How did they manage to stretch out this plot to 94 minutes is beyond me. Also, why do communities have recreation centres? Do they not have specific spaces to do specific things? Why a general space for recreation? Why are people so sentimental about it too? It’s just a building. You can build a new one somewhere else. Or have specific spaces for specific needs. Like a dance hall to dance. A gym to work out. A tool shop for DIY hobby work. Are recreation centres widely used in the rest of the world? They weren’t at all used in my Country.

So our friends Boogaloo Shrimp and Turbo are up to their usual tricks. Practicing random dance moves and wearing the strangest clothes in anticipation of a dance off battle. This does happen. They were looking for a parking spot or something and they did a dance off with another team that parked their cars in a parking space. They also do their usual trick of asking for help and then saying ‘we dont need your help’.

Ice T is in it.

Don’t watch this shit. 1 is better than 2.