The Dallas Connection


The Dallas Connection is so forgettable that I forgot that we watched it. I shall attempt to remember what went on.

Its a 1994 Andy Sidaris movie and its the second last one. The main guy Rodrigo, who acts in every Sidaris film, and writes some too, wants to give some computer chip to some satellite company but bad people don’t want it to happen so that try to kill him.

The bad people are these silicone girls names Scorpion, Cobra and Black Widow. They assassinate people using radio controlled cars that drive under their cars and blow up.

I remember that they tried to kill some South African that happens to talk like an American and drive and American car and in the end its revealed that he jumped out of the car and ran away before it exploded. I don’t think he was important to the plot either.

Anyways, the usual Sidaris tropes are here. Shower scenes. The exposition jacuzzi. The hot-cops. Planes. Explosions. Radio controlled toys. The Jeep.

Julie Strain is back. She was Jewel Panther in Enemy Gold. Very tall and has all the silicone.

Watch it if you’re 12 and you’re alone. Otherwise you’re wasting your time.