The Scorpion King 4: Quest for Power


Its 2015 and some old actors need to fill their acting quota so that they can remain part of the Acting Union so they beat a dead horse called The Scorpion King franchise.

There is an out of place Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson, prop Rutger Hauer, crazy father Barry Bostwick, background santa guy, odd Michael Biehn, odd Lou Ferrigno, odd Esme Bianco (the prostitute from Game of Thrones) and wrestler Eve Torres.

So the plot. The all powerful scorpion king tries to steal an all powerful stick. His henchman betrays him and sells the stick to some king. The king dies, something happens and Scorpie meets a fit girl with her crazy father and they beat the guy that bought the stick because they are enemies. For some reason, the crazy old father becomes king because Scorps killed the baddie.

The thing you will notice while watching this movie is how clean everything and everyone is. The middle ages had the best dental care systems and its been downhill since. Then the props are very flimsy. You can see that the actors take effort in not knocking into them too badly in case they visibly bend. \

The CGI scorpions, spiders, fire, transitions and other effects are of the worst quality that you can imagine.

Should you watch this? No. Because I actualy think that they knew that they were making a bad movie. And being self-aware is a big NO-NO for being considered a B movie. You need to play it straight and fail spectacularly.