Mad Shelia


Its 2016 and the guys that made Max Mad Fury Road didn’t pander to Chinese audiences so the Chinese market took up that slack and made their own Mad Max.

It was in mandarin but had subtitles, not that it matters. We’re pretty sure the plot was about some gang that was looking for women. Then a rival gang that hates the main gang for some reason. Then there was a character like the hunchback guy from 300 who goes to a gang and tells them about the existence of a women in some place and she dresses like a man to hide. The main gang finds her, captures her, she escapes, there is a battle, gang loses. Then for no reason the gang is still alive for a second battle and they quickly lose.

There were some highlights of this shit show:

  • The woman is question is very pretty and we all fell in love with her.
  • The second-in-command of the main gang had an Orlando Pirates badge. This is a logo of South African soccer team.
  • The props like the jackets, goggles, chains, skulls, etc were all bought from the cheapest toy store in Mongolia.
  • The car chase run at about 20km/h. Possibly the slowest high-speed chase we’ve ever seen.
  • The pickup trucks had, for some reason, doors to get into the bed that was open. I’ve never seen a 4-door pickup where the front passengers had a roof and the rear was open. Maybe it was China. Maybe it was the most unique Mad Max thing designed.
  • Bad CGI explosions.
  • The gang makes a “woo woo” police sound with their mouths as a way to intimidate their victims.
  • There was 2 minute part where they advertise some app for your phone.

This movie was funny and bad. They rip off Mad Max by telling someone that doesn’t know what Mad Max was to write the script and design the set. Watch it!