Saviour of the Earth


The middle of 1982 was the time when the world was fascinated with computers and all the possibility of living in a new world. The movie Tron was released and it blew everyone’s minds. Just imagine the future. Man and machine living in the same space. There was one particular person that took notice of Tron: Su-yong Jeong. A South Korean director that, in the middle of 1983, will release this gem of a retarded movie.

Saviour of the Earth is a Tron knock off with a voice dubbing done by about two people that do all the voices for all the characters in the same voice that they normally use when they talk. And with 1983 cheap-animation skills, the voice never follows the mouth’s movements. So we never knew who was talking at any time. The cadence was also so bad that you when someone stops talking and another person begins.

At some point Pac Man chases the main actor in the computer. There’s that.

I’m not too sure on the plot. I think there was a guy that tries to take over the world, so he goes inside the computer and teleports to another persons computer and sucks them into the computer as well to battle them. The computers will also launch some attack somewhere using some weapon. Honestly, this was bad.

The parts I remember seems random but the entire movie was random. There was a guy named “Black John” and he was a bad guy initially and then for no reason helps the main guy. The is a woman in a bikini that wears an eye-patch that pilots a submarine with no other crew and she has a midget child sister that is mechanical. The little sister somehow has feelings and falls in love with the main guy but she feels rejected when he asks “why don’t you have a nose?”. The rest of the dialogue also was like bad imitation of a Stephen Hawking computer voice.

This was shit. Don’t watch.