It’s 1993 and Bill Paxton has a mullet and is historical like every other movie. “It’s game over man!”.

Monolith is a generic, boring science fiction movie that is so bad that the producers couldn’t find a better title. There is no actual monolith in this movie. The story is about some spirit. It occupies the body of a kid. Some chick shoots the kid and the spirit waits till there is someone close to the body to transfer itself to that new living body. They run around, he does bad things, he gets shot, transfer.

Louis Gossett Jr plays generic police chief man. John Hurt plays generic FBI cover up man. The partnership between Bill and partner is generic. They start off by fighting and then work well together.

This was like a stretched out version of an X-files episode. Don’t watch this shit.

We watched two Bill Paxton movies to honour him when we heard that he died. Rest in peace Bill Paxton.