If you had a magic crystal, would you turn a goldfish into a monster fish that explodes? Sure you would.

We’re still celebrating bad movies shot in South Africa. This 1989 gem is about some lady that gets murdered. He father finds a crystal that has magic powers. He gives life to her body. Shit happens like a biker gang fight, a gold theme park tour, two couples talk about some story, one guy from the couples falls in love with the zombie lady and animals explode. None of this shit has to do with her father getting revenge.

The first 15 minutes are the best. This is probably where all the budget went. Good props, explosions and makeup. The rest of the movie was shot at night at one house and one petrol station. There is a ghost town with a turtle that bites you and you explode.

The best special effect was the slow motions. Nothing says ‘great movie’ like padding.

Watch this movie. Watch it now!