Out on bail


Robert Ginty, the most accomplished actor, acts like a mute.

Picture it, 1989 Johannesburg in South Africa. Nelson Mandela is in prison. Leon Schuster is the greatest comedian on earth. And Robert Ginty comes here to star in a Rambo First Blood knock off.

So Ginty is a run of the mill bum and he’s on a train to no where. He gets to his destination, finds a hotel, gets a room, goes to a bar, breaks a drug deal, steals the money, find out the cops are in on the deal, gets chased by the cops, arrested and beaten and then breaks free while killing everyone. Boom! Oh, spoilers.

Most of the movie has Ginty being quiet like Rambo. The only reason we cared about it was that we can abuse Ginty through the screen because his set was in our neighborhood here in Johannesburg. Probably.

The cops are assholes exactly like in Rambo and they act as if they’re in the US. THe IMDB page says that this is based in Tennessee. They tried hard to keep the continuity by getting the US cars and driving them on the wrong side of the road. Some times this continuity breaks when you see stop signs on the correct side of the road and a few South African accents slip in. Loved spottign cameos by South African actors and actresses. Nadia Bilchik was the one I remember. She was a continuity presenter at a local station.

This move was a long 110 minutes and could have had 30 minutes cut out without anyone noticing.

Don’t watch it. Unless you’re being tortured.