Message from space: Galactic wars


What would you do if you had a few hundred substandard crash helmets lying around? Obviously make a B movie that apes Star Wars and Power Rangers at the same time.

Message from space is a 1978 movie that was produced by a Japanese company and has American actors. The dialogue is also in English and the Japanese actors were dubbed. This movie was made a year after the original Star Wars was released. So you had some of the space fighters, some iconic shots. R2 is actually a BEBA2. A BEBA is a midget in a cardboard costume.

So the plot. There is a bad guy that destroys a planet because his mother wanted it destroyed, for some reason. Then some other guy throws eight walnuts into space so that people can collect them and then return them. Then there is a ship with a crazy passenger and that flies the plane and they are chased by space police for some reason. Then there are these two kitchen cleaners that find two of the nuts and, for no reason, save the galaxy. There are also other characters that do things that I can’t figure out what they have to do with the plot. There is a granny in an electric wheelchair. An old guy that dresses like a bum. People with plastic leaves on their heads. A main emperor samurai guy with a crash helmet and horns on the helmet. An Englishman wearing a colonial shipping uniform. A young girl that like to act crazy.

This is a typical Japanese movie. Its random and nuts and doesn’t make sense. Watch it.