In 1988, Michael Jackson released a movie that wasn’t a movie. This is when we should have known that he is a liar and a fraud.

Moonwalker is not a movie. It’s a montage of his songs that is put in such a sequence that a very loose story can be overlaid on it. Most of the song video will be replaced with new footage that fits a narrative. Hey this sounds like the birth of FAKE NEWS. Tremendous!

How do I even judge this as a movie? Does it have a plot? Maybe, Michael is a friend to children. Does it have characters? No. There are people but if there is no story to progress, they can be considered as props. The sound is all from an MJ cassette. The camera work in when the real song footage is on is great. The other times when there’s animation or stop motion clay is bad.

So why was this made? I think I know. In 1988, people had MJ cassettes and maybe vinyls. They heard him on radio too. They could only see him at a live concert, or the news, maybe a music show on TV. Nothing ‘on demand’. This is probably the reason they made some video content. Why did they pick this format and not just leave a bunch of music videos unedited? According to the trivia section of IMDB, MJ wanted this to be in cinemas and due to budget reasons, it went to video. So maybe he knew this from the start. He wanted something feature length, 90 minutes, and the audience weren’t going to pay money to watch 10 of his music videos. So he can trick the audience into watching music videos if they put new footage to make it look like a story and plot. He made the Thriller movie 5 year before this and its was a hit. He could do the same but with less effort and people would just buy it without thinking right?

This is not a movie. Do not watch. If you don’t care that its not a movie, do not watch it either. It’s bad.