Baby Brown


This movie is so stupid, no one wrote their real names down on the credits.

1990 was a great year in South Africa. The average guy in the street had access to affordable video cameras and Casio keyboards. We were hard at work mocking our favourite South African accents and trying to figure out the filming locations and how far away we lived from them.

The plot is about a thug that sells drugs. His girlfriend escapes the compound and goes into a witness protection programme. I think the girlfriend was an undercover cop. The main cops are these to women that get drunk for no reason on some day. The do a bit of acting and then they end with an awesome shootout in the middle of some bush.

The best part of the movie are the uzzis that shoot single shots and the revolvers that work like uzzis.

Fellow South Africans will enjoy: Honda Ballades, Mazda 323s, Hillbrow, a hardware store in Randburg, the highway bridge in Kempton Park and those accents.

This should be required viewed if you’re South African.