Ghost Dad


Bill can’t get a break. All of his movies end up on ‘worst’ lists.

1990 was his creation directly after Leonard Part 6. He probably thought that three years was enough of a gap to get people to love him again. Nope. The same issue here. A shit script.

Bill is a single father of three children and he needs to do something at work otherwise he gets fired. He rushes to work and dies in a car crash. He comes back as a ghost with stupid physics, struggles to get to grip with the new reality and then succeeds because. Just because.

The only thing I remember was that the physics didn’t make sense in its own reality. Ghost Bill can walk through walls except when he can’t. He falls through floors but doesn’t reach the other side of the planet. He needs to use a taxi but sometimes flies. He can only be heard by his children except when everyone can hear him. They can only see him in the dark except when they can see him fine.

This is movie is for kids. But not any kid. If you have a stupid kid or a kid you want to become stupid, get them to watch this. Sure it will be entertaining to them but they will walk away with lower IQs.

For the love of pizza, DO NOT WATCH THIS.