Leonard part 6


This movie is so bad that even Bill Cosby will tell you not to watch it.

It’s 1987 and Bill is busy like a bee. Cranking out movies every year, just finished the Fat Albert series. In the middle of season two of the Cosby show. So he thinks he can get away with anything. People love anything he makes because he made it. So he co-wrote this turd. And it failed so hard.

The story is about a retired spy. He is called back into action for no reason. The bad guy is this woman with a bunch of henchmen that wear wife-beaters. His wife left him and he tries to get back with her. His daughter is dating someone as old as him. Coke is the sponsor. Oh, and there were no parts 1 to 5. Thats a gag the guy at the start of the film says its top secret or lost or something.

There is one good scene where the bad lady summons her frogs to go under a cop car, and then bounce it into the river. I think the bad lady was using animals to take over the world.

The whole movie is awful. It’s a series of gags from scene to scene that are barely funnier than shit you find in an Adam Sandler movie. The movie is realistic in its own universe. The only thing that is at fault is the reason why the bad lady is bad and why Leonard is the only guy that can stop her. It’s not like those bad movies that rely on shock words or gross scenes or fart jokes. Its clean in that way. I think Bill was having withdrawal symptoms from writing scripts as a 6 year old when he did Fat Albert. The acting is OK given the material, the camera work is OK too. Its just the poor script.

If you’re 6, and you need to go play with your friends in 20 minutes, start watching this. Don’t finish it. Dont watch it if you’re older. Or maybe you’re as dumb as us and you would watch it anyways.