1986’s Solarbabies is so competent that we found nothing to hate about.

There are these kids that are slaves in some post-apocalyptic world. They find a magic orb. The powers they gain are: a deaf kid can hear again and it rained inside a room once. Great powers. Useful. Especially in a desert. Because… ah, fuck it.

Some guy see all of this and decides to steal the orb. They capture him but they remain friends. What? He’s the bad guy. Fuck it.

They escape their prison land and run away. I tried to stay awake at this point. What can I say? Maybe if they… fuck it, this movie is shit.

There is a part about some stupid sport that looks like Rollerball where is part rollerĀ  skates, part hockey and part, basket ball. The arena is a small ditch. The aim is to get the ball in the hoop. No extra rules needed. No reason for me to say ‘fuck it’.

Do not watch!