This was an awesome movie.

This 1975 gem was great. Joe Don Baker was Mitchell. A cop that takes down drug dealers. He first finds that a guy shot a thief in the guys house. The guy claimed made it look self inflicted but Mitchell knows whats up. He could recreate the scene based on how the thief fell and the placement of the gun. Then he gets assigned to get a drug dealer to confess. He befriends the dealer and makes it look like he’s a dirty cop. There are very long chase sequences that end up in some quarry and a car explodes.

There is a subplot of a prostitute that is servicing Mitchell and then he busts her for it. Mitchell also likes porn and hates kids. He also lives in a tiny apartment with a single sleeper couch. But thats normal for raging alcoholics.

The thing about this movie is that Mitchell isn’t a young tough guy. He’s an old fuck up gets the bad guy. Not because he’s good at his job. No, he’s terrible and no one likes him. He gets the bad guy because he never gives up.

The ending is especially good. He’s in some shitty helicopter and the only way to stop the bad guy is to hang a gas tank to the helicopter and swing it at the boat to demolish it one plank of wood at a time.

Watch it. Its funny.