America 3000


This movie is woggos. That’s old-speak for crazy. Also, that in the title slides of this shit movie.

Its a 1986 movie. Its a Cannon movie too so you know its quality. The plot is about a world that is 900 years after a nuclear apocalypse. Women rule the world and men are either living dildos, called seeders, or live alone in the wild. There is this one guy that, for no reason, is smarter than everyone else and gets a tribe to learn to fight. Its a weird mix of trying to be like Zardoz with the gender stuff and Battlefield Earth with cavemen quickly learning about technology to fight. Other than this, there isn’t much of a plot. Its a desert, some idiots walk from scene to scene talking about stuff that doesn’t affect the outcome of the plot.

Everyone has silly names because that how the future will be. Lynka, Korvis, Vena, Gruss, Morha, Lakella, Reya, Lelz, etc you get the picture. The cast also gave it their all. Probably because Golan and Globus promised to make them the next Dudikov.

With so little going for it, I wonder how they manage to get it to 90 minutes long. Even the props tried hard. Cardboard wrapped in foil. Good times.

If you like bad movie, you would probably watch this. And you wouldn’t like it too.