Cherry 2000

It’s 1987 and Melanie Griffith hasn’t been in a big movie in a long time.

Cherry 2000 is set in 2017 and some guy is married to some android woman. She takes a bath and short circuits and breaks. So now he needs to find a replacement robot. So he travels to some bad neighborhood and get the help of Melanie to find this robot. There are some bad guys there and they chase after him. They find the robot, he needs to escape the bad guys with her with an airplane that he finds lying around. He then decides that he now like likes Melanie and goes back to get her and leaves his robot.

This is movie is dumb and Melanie is annoying. The director has done a few episodes of random TV series’. The writer is also not well known for good work. The biggest thing he did was the 1993 The Mummy. A masterpiece. The best part was that there was a hotel in the bad neighborhood called ‘The Gloryhole Hotel’.

So bad actors, bad story, bad screenplay, bad dialogue, bad effects and a bad Lawrence Fishbourne and Robert Z’dar cameo. Why was it made?

Orion waited to make this movie by making Robocop 1 first and then using the money from that to fund this. They even have the same composer and you can hear some almost-Robocop music.

I think it was made because Orion wanted to drill it into people that robots are not our future. They made another one of these types of movies during the same time Making Mr Right in 1987. They stopped because it failed to make any money with a $10m budget.

If you can stand Melanie’s voice, watch this movie.