What you’re looking at, is a ‘mandroid’. Isn’t that just the best shitty name ?

Eliminators was a 1986 movie made by Charles Band. He made a ton of B-movies. Up to now, we haven’t watched any of them. But Trancers and Gingerdead Man are on the list of movie to watch.

The starting was just great. There is a WW1 fighter pilot with overlaid explosions and he’s shooting at some army that was dressed in Hercules era soldiers. Probably because he couldn’t find five army uniforms. Then it cuts to the future with some doctor is playing a Frankenstein and makes the dead pilot into a robot. But the robot has tracks for legs and holsters for his rocket launchers. This movie came out a year before Robocop 1. His holsters also store legs. Then they want to shut him down so he escapes the compound to find scientist lady and her R2 unit and they help him get away. I think they called the R2 unit ‘Owl-2′. Just like Robocop, he meets his wife and child and doesn’t recognise her. But wasn’t he from 50 years back? What the fuck? Then, out of nowhere, the initial Frankenstein guy’s son is a ninja and thinks the mandroid killed his father and now he’s out for revenge.

After a many, many chase scenes that go from boats to the bush with off-road tuktuks. Mandroid uses his tracks and laserblaster to shoot at people that chase him. The last fight looks like its set in some cave that looks like Hercules-era rooms. Then the scientist lady sends him back in time, for some reason, to 14 BC. Some random guy says “I wish I learned computer programming’ and punched the keyboard to send him further to some few million BC. He reaches that time and explodes. The scientist and her friends laugh.

This movie is insane. Watch it.