Jaws 4: The Revenge


Michael Caine wanted a new house and this movie paid for it.

The shark that Roy Scheider killed in Jaws 1, has some shark that knows it and now this new shark wants revenge. So in 1987, this new shark knows what the wife of Roy looks like and he traveled to her holiday destination in the Caribbean and then torments her and her son. She meets Caine and he flies them around. Being a great pilot, he lets her son or grandson, some child, fly the plane by doing dives. Great work pilot.

The rest of the movie is flashbacks scene that the wife has of Jaws 1. Then bullshit dialogue of them remembering those events. The wife also has nightmares and mental breakdowns about the damn shark.

Oh, the shark roars and it sounds like a lion.

This movie is terrible. It costs $23million and made $20million. It also assumes Jaws 3 – 3D doesn’t exist. Why was it even made? Probably a cash grab. Lets get the cast that is desperate for the money and some A-lister and make some shit while we’re on holiday. We’ll use the expenses as a tax write off.

If you value your eyes and your ears, and, maybe your memory, DO NOT WATCH THIS.