Kill Squad


This movie is fucking awesome baby!

There is this guy that owns ‘business’ and he is being shaken down so he is shot and his wife is raped and killed. So he goes to some guy for help. The guy calls his Vietnam buddies to help fuck up the bad guys. There are six vet buddies and they start to rally together by collecting each other one by one. As they find their friend, the friend is busy with a small battle with pimps or crooks or some or other hoodlum. Its hilarious.

This movie was 90 minutes and is mathematically perfect. The first 30 minutes sets up the plot of the businessman, the bad guys and the guy that will organise the squad. The best line is used to get the guys to join: “Joseph needs you”. The next 30 minutes is about the squad coming together and doing random fights while they’re doing the collecting. Then the last 30 minutes is about them chasing the bad guy and the henchman and dying off. They die in the order they were collected.

Cameron Mitchell is in this movie and is the main bad guy. He’s somewhat sober and hasn’t turned into the drunk as he is 7 years later in Terror in Beverly Hills.

So why was this movie made? The writer and director is Patrick Donahue and this seems to be his first time at acting, writing and directing. He loves Bruce Lee kung fu movies apparently.

Do yourself a favour and watch this movie. It’s awesome!