Resident Evil: The Final Chapter


So you’ve got a franchise that started out great and got shitty as the sequels rolled in, so what do you do to send it off? Yes, make another shitty sequel.

Ok. This one isn’t as bad as the 2012 one where they’re on a ship and all the bad guys and their dogs make their mouths open to release a CGI venus fly trap.

After five movies, most of the world is dead. I don’t know why the Umbrella corp is still bent on making a virus and worried about making money. Money doesn’t even matter at that point. I don’t remember anything about this movie but IMDB tells me that Alice (Mila Jovovich) goes back to Racoon City where the Corp is planning a final assault on people. Why? Now that 99.9% of humans are dead, does anything matter? Thankfully, sanity prevails and this movie failed. It costs $40m and made $26m.

Anyways, it was shot in South Africa but there are only two shots that are recognizable. The opening with Table Mountain and a scene that looks like, Ponte Tower, a distinct apartment block in Johannesburg.

The only thing I remember about this film is that there was a lot of shakey camera work. There might have been good fight scenes, which was 90% of this movie, but we didn’t see any of it. Shake shake shake. It didn’t stop.

Don’t waste your time with this shit.