Tiger Claws 2


30 seconds of establishing shots, 30 seconds of line delivery, rinse, repeat.

1996’s Tiger Claws 2 is a celebration of bad editing. It’s about some cop in New York that hears of murders in San Francisco where the bodies has claw marks. He knows about the murderer because he was the arresting cop. The murderer is found to have been broken out from jail. So the cop is now going to SF.

The guy that broke the murderer out is some rich crime boss and he wants to open up a portal to some place. Obviously, the only way to open the portal is to stage a martial arts tournament in the parking lot of his restaurant. Also, all the participants are his soldiers. Also, they will have a final fight with the murderer.

The murderer is played by Bolo Yeung. He’s the massive asian bad guy in the final fight of Blood Sport. He must have been paid by the word because he was quiet throughout the movie and had a terrible display of action at the end. This must have been shot during his holiday in SF. According to IMDB he was the main bad guy too in Tiger Claws 1. This is probably the tale of how the cop first arrested him.

So the plot is pretty thin and the acting is terrible and editing is awful. Why was this made? Cynthia Rothrock is the lead but she pretty forgettable in the role. I was expecting and epic fight between her and Bolo but it wasn’t going to happen. She was also the lead in the first movie, maybe it was done there. So it’s not to display the fighting ability, no data on revenue and it didn’t look like they were closing plot holes of the first movie, even thought I didn’t see the first movie. I don’t know why this movie exists. I might be that it was very cheap to make. Like if they paid the actors during the first movie and they get two sequels for free. It would explain why they have so little footage and script and padded it out with establishing shots. But this is just my guess. I’m sure there’s a better story.