Maximum Force

Want to know how little people care about this movie? Here is the IMDB synopsis of the movie: “Three determined cops are recruited to take down a notorious crime lord.”

The only parts I remember was every time Richard Lynch was on screen. He was playing the bad guy who was the crime boss that did some crimes. His character name was “Mr Tanabe”. Funny, he doesn’t look Japanese. Then all his scenes were in some really shit office at night with a bunch of other sub-bosses. One of the guys in the meeting was tasked with the great job of saying “Yes Mr Tanabe” everytime Lynch he said something. Literal definition of a ‘yes man’. He says that he controls all the crime in the city but we’re never show to what extent he controls things and how much money he makes or what power he can wield. We’re just supposed to believe him.

While being bored, we went creeping around IMDB and found out that the main cop is the Mr Gordon from Flash Gordon. Then the police commissioner was played by Mickey Rooney, who was some famous actor a million years ago. Interesting stuff on IMDB says he had 8 wives and 11 kids. Busy man. The Director and Writers hadn’t made anything great before or after this movie and then fairly quickly stopped working on movies.

Watch if you have brain damage.