The Force

If you like looking at your phone and thinking about all the other things you could be doing, then this movie is for you.

So there is this cop, he’s doing cop things and he gets killed by a bad guy. For some reason, his spirit leaves the dead body and enters a living body of the main guy. But only sometimes, most of the time, the guy is himself. This sounds a lot like Ghost. But Ghost was made four years before this. The main guy is a cop and sometimes while he’s doing his job, he gets triggered and turns into the dead guy’s spirit and continues to solve his old case. Then the main guy ‘wakes up’ from his possession and finds himself in some woman’s house. He eventually binds with the spirit, and together they find the bad guy, confront him and solve the case. None of the performances are convincing, I have a wooden table and it does a better job at acting.

This is probably one of the most forgettable movies we’ve watched. Usually we have banter about the movies we watch and the good ones are able to make us share memes for a week or two. This movie was forgotten about five minutes after the credits rolled.