The Black Gestapo

It’s the 70’s and you have some surplus Nazi hats and some racists in the neighbourhood, what do you do? You make a blacksploitation movie.

The short version is there are some white-guy racists that are shaking down the black-owned businesses in some area. So the black-gestapo is a vigilante army that exists and they fight with the white guys and take over exploiting the black-owned businesses. The army then has a fall out because the main guy wanted to protect the black people but the main guy’s minion only wants money and power.

There are a few memorable scenes.

  • The first time we see The Black Gestapo in action, they want to break into a white racist guy’s house and torture him to stop stealing from the black-owned businesses. To break in, they climb a wall of a house, then walk over the roof, then rappel down the side, break open a window and find the white guy bathing in the world’s tiniest bath tub. The problem with this scene is that they could have just walked up to the window. Idiots.
  • They torture the dude by cutting off his balls and then flushing it down the toilet.
  • Then the army’s training camp is a basketball court. Which is ridiculous and hilarious.
  • Every time the Gestapo general is addressing his troops, the applause sounds have the Nazi sieg heil audio in the background to make it feel like there are more people.

This movie is awesome. Funniest exploitation we’ve seen in a long time.