Kick or Die


We’re back in 1987 and back in South Africa for a fight movie.

The movie is pretty competent. It starts with a couple parking in the dark for some private time and then a bad guy kills the guy and rapes the girl. This is on some school and guess what’s the only way to stop this? Get security? No. Get cops? No. Teach the girls self defense? Yeah, but not so fast. You first hire a music producer and get him to hire the defense instructor. So teach the girls to fight. They hire Kick or Die guy to do the teaching and he ends up killing the bad guy. He is Don Potter.

Obviously there is a biker gang causing mayhem but they are a subplot that starts about halfway into the movie and then concludes. It added nothing but runtime.

We never see a montage of women learning karate or women beating up bad guys. For this reason, the movie fails in its premise. You didn’t even need him to be a karate instructor.

Oh, and the boom mic in almost every scene is in the camera frame. Drinking games are fun with this.

The accents are supposed to be American but every now and again they drop back into the good ‘ol South African accent.

This is like Scooby Doo where the real bad guy is the music producer and Don finds out and kills him in the end. The reason he found out was through his girlfriend that wanted to be a singer. Don gets her to meet music producer guy who is all about rape. What the fuck? Ignore the fact that rape is retarded on it own, he and Don are friends. Why would he come on to his friend’s girl? He also knows that his friend is a karate master guy. Was music guy not expecting to get his ass kicked? He is probably the dumbest villain in movie history.

If you’re wondering about the girlfriend, shes a 6/10 and a terrible singer.

So why was this movie made? I have no idea. Its South African and hardly anything is written about it online. Its distributed by AIP (Action International Pictures) that did about 70 movies between mid 80’s to mid 90’s. Kick or Die guy, Kevin Bernhardt, is a a good karate actor and was in tons of movies with pretty much the exact same role.

Watch it. It extremely OK.


Code Name Vengeance


What do you get when you cross Rambo with Indiana Jones with a low budget?

Its 1987 in South Africa and everyone is exploiting everyone else. Except for the victims, who are everyone.

The Director is David Winters who probably lost a bet and had to come to South Africa for two years as a penalty. He made this movie in 87, Rage to Kill in 88, Space Mutiny in 88 and Mission Kill in 86. All four movies star Cameron Mitchell for some reason. This movie and Mission Kill have Robert Ginty. Space Mutiny had Reb Brown. James Ryan was in Rage to Kill and Space Mutiny.  Ginty was very busy in this time too. He made six movies in 1986 and 7 in South Africa, UK, US, France and I think in Turkey.

So what is this movie about? There is this family that rules some African country. No mention of the name. The daughter and the wive of the president get kidnapped by Arabs. Some American thinks he can save them if he releases a kick ass Ginty from prison to do this job. That pretty much it on plot. Not too bad here because everything else is bad.

The screenplay. Long boring chase scenes. Then playing cops and robbers in some abandoned warehouse. There are three skirmishes that could have taken place in any order. Come to thing of it, this is Space Mutiny before it was shot. Ginty only meets Mitchell half way through the movie and Mitchell is running a bar. Who would have thought that Cameron Mitchell would be near alcohol in his role. The helicopter scene was all done while it was on the ground. The rail carts in the mine were done slowly and the footage was sped up. At some point we’re told that this is Qatar. I don’t know anymore.

Shannon Tweed, a Playboy model was Ginty’s love interest. Of course Ginty gets all the ladies. He does it in every movie. Its his trademark, along with not having much dialogue.

The bad guy was pretty shit as a character. James Ryan the actor was awesome. The bad guy name was Tabrak. It sounds just like you can imagine with a South African accent.

Watch this movie. Its mostly fun and sometimes boring.